Winter is here. Although Sydney looks amazing in winter, also, temperatures drop below to zero. Lows of 7.3 degrees in the city heralded the coldest May morning in the city since 1999. Cold air makes feel even more cold.


Winter is here.


cold winter


That makes humans to want to stay at home warm and dry, while outside is raining. But animals also want to stay warm and dry, so they go to live in your house.

It is usual to find rats, mice, and other animals in your house when winter comes. Also even if you do not see them, most probable is that they are around your house.


RATS  and mice feel the cold too — prompting a rush of rodents to squeeze their way into the homes.


The good breeding conditions during the milder weather over summer means there is now an extra influx of rodents.

Rats are very, very smart. They will climb walls, jump and swim. You have to give them a lot of credit — their reputation for cunning is well earned. Anywhere you can put your little finger, a mouse can get in.


At Ecologistics, with our 15 years of experience we urged people to become extra vigilant by keeping homes tidy, cleaning up around pet food bowls and storing all food in sealed containers.