The poor air quality in your office is a major factor in the overall health and wellbeing of the employees affecting to the productivity levels at your company.



Your workplace is negatively affected by a lack of fresh air circulation, pollution drawn in from outdoors, indoor pollution with no means of escape, air that is circulated too fast, or humidity that is high enough to promote the growth of mould.




Indoor ventilation is a problem, as it causes the workers to breathe in recycled air and traps pollutants. Pollutants entering the indoor area can be classified into:
dust, pollen, biological spores (mould/bacteria), moisture content, high temperatures, radiation from copiers, dirty carpets, glue, carbon monoxide from the street….

Indoor pollution is causing a greater number of health-related implications, with many office environments affected by what is known as ‘sick building syndrome’.

Fortunately, this sick building syndrome can be alleviated by implementing proper ventilation within the workplace. There are also different solutions to prevent it to happen:

Install a proper Ventilation System.
Keep the office really clean.
Keep the carpet clean.
Keep the hygiene of the occupants high.


Images from Pixabay