Everyone has their own tolerance when it comes to insects and pests in the home. Some people consider one cockroach scurrying across the kitchen floor as nothing to be alarmed about, while others baulk at it.

Pest controllers around the country are busiest at this time of year, bees are swarming and fleas are biting. But, the usual suspects are always ants, cockroaches and rodents.

If a rodent is seen in the middle of the day or scratching noises are heard in the wall cavity, a pest controller needs to be called. This is a sign that there is more than one, and setting a mouse trap is not going to fix the bigger problem. Another sign is bite marks in food

Rodents in particular have enjoyed Sydney’s milder winter this year.  There’s a prolific problem with rodents right across Sydney at the moment.
Cockroaches love the warmer environment under the fridge. Photo: iStock

Cockroaches also love the warmer environment under the fridge. If one small German cockroach is seen, call the pest controller straight away.




The German cockroach can spread bacterial diseases, and, like any insect, leave moults and faeces where it lives. Ware suggests the place should be checked if there are signs of German cockroaches.

Ants are another common problem, especially when they develop a permanent trail leading from the outside, such as a gap in the windowsill, to the pantry. They are difficult to get rid of at this stage, and a pest controller needs to be called. Ants get into cereals that aren’t sealed, causing the disposal of a lot of food. A more serious matter is white ants.