Health experts are warning of a growing number of patients suffering from symptoms such as chronic fatigue, cramps and joint pain brought on by mould.

Alarmingly, many cases are believed to have been caused by mould hidden in roofs and wall cavities in homes.


Professional mould cleaners in Canberra have reported a surge in call outs in recent months, receiving dozens of requests for help every week. One is calling the issue “the new asbestos”.
There are no official government statistics on how many in Canberra and Australia have been affected by mould-related illnesses, also called chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

Specialists in the field have said there has been an increase in patients seeking treatment.
Figures from Australian Chronic Infectious and Inflammatory Disease Society estimate 1172 Australians have either recently been diagnosed with the condition or provisionally diagnosed with some of the main symptoms.
Symptoms brought on by prolonged exposure to mould can include chronic fatigue and chronic pain, muscle cramps, morning sickness, blurred vision, mood swings, joint pain, abdominal pain, sinus congestion and bleeding.


Canberra resident first noticed the symptoms brought on by hidden mould during a trip to Queensland earlier this year to house sit.

The house was incredibly mouldy and within a couple of days my eyes had puffed up and my whole face and body was covered in a rash and there was a lot of fatigue. Someone else had to drive me back to Canberra because the symptoms were so bad.

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