Termites are found in every Sydney suburb north, south, east and west. Whether you live next to the beach or way inland Termites do not discriminate as to where they establish their destructive colonies. That said we should also mention that Termites/White Ants are recognised as one of the hardest working, best organised and most community minded insects on the planet.

When they decide to set up residence in your home or office they will build an infrastructure inside your walls, ceiling and / or under your floor which, on scale, is equal to the best building engineering efforts of the modern world. In short Termites are the engineering gurus of the insect world.

Unfortunately for humans Termites often choose to build their world inside ours and that almost always results in huge damage to our buildings. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Termite Damage is rarely, if ever covered by our building insurance.

Ecologistics will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business top to bottom. If you have an infestation we will provide you with strategies for: Termite Extermination and Prevention.

Remember, Termites are very smart insects and you will require the services of an expert to find, eradicate and prevent them from coming back. If you do find termites DO NOT make the mistake of trying to kill them yourself. In most if not all cases of an amateurish extermination effort you will only succeed in driving them further into your walls, ceiling or underfloor area.

Sign of Termites:

  • Mud Tunnels.
  • Working Tubes, Exploratory Tubes or Drop Tubes.
  • Frass.
  • Swarmers.
  • Damaged Wood.

Image by pavankumar Rao from Pixabay

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