The warmer months of summer are well and truly on their way which means the pests are as well. As the weather starts to warm up the life cycle of many household pests will also start to speed up. Many pests can be encountered in your home from time to time, during summer the most common will be cockroaches, ants and spiders.

These three pests all have different habits and will exploit your home in various ways. They will live in your roof void, wall cavities, sub-floor, internal areas with food and water such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, externally in gardens, just about every area of your property.

How do I get rid of summer pests?

The only sure way to eliminate these pests from living and breeding in these areas is to have a complete pest treatment done at your property. A complete integrated pest management plan for the big three pests; cockroaches, ants and spiders will protect your home, leaving you to live in a pest free environment and enjoy the summer season.

How can Amalgamated Pest Control protect your home from these pests?

Inspection: In order to formulate our treatment strategy the first step is to inspect your property. It is necessary to find out exactly what the extent of the problem is, species of the offending pests and where they are living. Pests such as cockroaches are nocturnal. Often occupants of a property will be unaware of the full extent of the problem, as light breaks pests will retreat into voids such as the roof, sub floor and wall cavities. With this knowledge no pest in your home is safe, no targeted pests will survive.
Treatment of ‘wet areas’: Areas that contain moisture / food provide these pests with the perfect place to live. By applying products in a very safe manner into the areas they are living, targeting them directly. Treatments will be directed into voids, cracks and crevices which keeps the treatment out of your environment and directly into theirs, providing excellent control and a very safe treatment method for you and your family. Other areas such as bedrooms, lounge rooms, studies etc will be inspected and treated as required.
Roof Voids: The hot temperatures and darkness of a roof void provide a highly desirable place for all three of these pests. Our technicians will inspect the roof void and apply a treatment to this area eliminating this as a breeding site all together.
Wall Cavities: Similar situation for pests as roof voids. Treatment is directly applied to these voids most of the time from the outside of the property via weep holes or vents. Many cockroaches will be in these areas prior to our treatment. It’s quite common for cockroaches to pour out of each of these weep holes by the dozen after our technician treats them. Our unique application tool allows a very effective application of insecticide to fill the voids and keep the pests out.
Sub Floor: Treatments are necessary in this area. Below the house is dark, sometimes moist and there is a lot of organic matter cockroaches to feed on.
External Treatment: The external ‘barrier’ treatment is very important. Providing a barrier for crawling insects such as ants and spiders. It is applied around the structure and can act like a first line of defence forcing insects to cross it in their attempt to enter your home. Tactical treatments area also applied to all known breeding areas of the external areas such as gardens, cracks in concrete, garbage areas, paved areas and the like which will eliminate breeding sites outside. Webbing spiders will be targeted also by treating the external walls and all areas these spiders may live. It is necessary to contact each spider and/or web to gain control. External ant nests will also be treated directly if found.
Customer Involvement: Our technicians will also look for elements around your property that will make your place more conducive to pest infestation. Our technician will assist you in identifying such problems and provide you with recommendations on how to manage these. Things such as excessive moisture, food sources, cluttered items and places identified that pests could enter through could be some of these. Knowing the species of pest and their habits is key to gain complete control.
Still concerned?
If you believe or suspect that you have a summer pest problem, please contact Ecologistics  for further advice.