Australia is renowned for having being home to some of the deadliest creatures on the planet. The sea is full of man-eating sharks, it has the deadliest snakes on Earth and there is even a bird capable of killing a man – granted it can’t fly, but you get the picture. However, if australia is infamous for one particular group of terror inducing beasties it is our eight-legged friends the spiders. If you are arachnaphobic, which frankly most people seem to be, then Australia, with its 10,000 species of spiders could present a few problems.

Whilst all spiders are venomous in reality very few are capable of biting a human and even fewer pose any potential risk. In fact Australian spiders are statistically so un-dangerous that there hasn’t been a death from a spider bite since 1981. That’s puts them on a par with, er, wombats!

So, now you are in possession of the facts and realise there is nothing at all to be scared of allow me to introduce you to one of Australia’s not so deadly spiders

Huntsman spider

This trapdoor spider from the Misgolas family has the ability to strike terror into those who unwittingly disturb it. Whilst being a fairly scary looking spider in its own right, it is often mistaken for the notorious (and very dangerous) Sydney Funnel-web spider. Fortunately the Sydney Brown is nowhere near as venomous as the Funnel-web. The bite is undoubtedly painful but nothing beyond the usual swelling and mild systemic symptoms have been reported.