While sunshine can be a welcome relief after several days of rain, the combination of the two can become a breeding ground for mould.

In south-east Queensland, outbreaks of household mould are causing medical problems for some residents, after one house was covered wall-to-wall with the fungus.

With respiratory protection and their skin covered head to toe, expert mould removalists entered the flat in Brisbane’s West End to tackle the outbreak.



Man removing mould

Man removing mould



Mould can drains your health and finances.



Winter was the worst month for mould as residents liked to keep doors and windows shut to stay warm, creating the perfect conditions for growth.

Something like this would take several months to get this bad, but over the cause of a winter it can certainly start affecting tenants.

Mould can cause irritation to the lungs, nose, skin, throat and eyes. It thrives in damp, poorly ventilated places and is an issue all year round.

Inside the flat, the windows, curtains and ceilings were also covered.




Mould can be everywhere.


The combination of rain followed by warm weather creates the perfect breeding ground for mould.


Building Biologist Pauline Ferguson wants people to focus on containing mould before it spreads.
She said supermarkets are full of products claiming to remove mould but warns against using bleach.

It will take the colour out so it will look like the stuff is gone but it will be nice clean mould. I count bad mould as anything more than a handful.

To help get rid of mould, use a reverse-cycle air conditioner or a dehumidifier to take moisture out of the room.





One expert warned against the use of bleach, saying vinegar is a much more effective option.


For any spots that remain, a hair dryer can be used to attack rising damp.
If the mould patch is smaller than the size of your hand, use a vinegar and water solution to wipe it down.

Once mould sets in, it can be an ongoing drain on both health and finances.


But, as always the best option is to contact Ecologistics. Our team will take care of your mould problem.