Clothing For All

A third world exists where people are unprivileged, have lost faith in humanity, and hardly care about covering their bodies up like normal human beings. We realized that it was not because they have no shame, or feel no pain,  but  plainly because they could not afford it. What you can do:

  • Try your hand at upcycling
  • Use ’em as rags. Cut them to the size you want and wipe, mop and polish to your heart’s content.
  • Check with your local charity if they’ll accept it
  • Recycling these clothes so that they can be used again.
  • Supplying and delivering these clothes to agencies across several continents including Asia, Africa, and Australia, as well.
  • Bedding for animals
  • Rags for mechanics

There are also Collection Bin Management:
In view of reducing the use of plastic bags through our day to day collection programs, there is also initiated an eco-drive, by introducing Collection Bins into our collection programs.  This includes :

  • Multiple styled collection bins for efficient , and material specific collection – Single Chute, 2 Chute, 4 Chute.
  • Periodic ,and “On-Request” delivery of collection bins to your site.
  • Period Maintenance and service of Collection Bins, and Clothing Stations, and keeping Bin Locations clean to avoid the location’s visual appeal.
  • Heavy Duty , steel built, Collection Bin containers designed and developed to be sustainable for over 30 years.