Mould can appears any time of the year in your house. But during winter, poor ventilation, uneven indoor heating and the chill outside make homes especially vulnerable. It may be a small patch at the back of a cupboard you never open, or a whole room covered in spores.

Mould can appears any time of the year in your house.

mould wall

So what causes mould, what are your rights if you’re a renter or an owner, how much does it cost to have mould cleaned professionally, and is it worth it?
What causes mould?

Simply put, moisture causes mould.

“People have no idea how much a little water can do,” says Dr Heike Neumeister-Kemp, chief mycologist (mould expert) from Mycolab.

A leak in the roof, a broken pipe, a windows left open while it’s raining, the steam from a shower or a flood can cause moisture to enter your home.

It’s important to figure out what’s causing your mould problem and to fix the underlying issue, otherwise it will continue to occur, regardless of how thoroughly you may think you’ve cleaned.

What’s the problem with having mould?

Moulds can give off toxic chemicals, called mycotoxins, and if there’s a lot of mould it can be dangerous – possibly resulting in hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, and asthma and flu-like symptoms.

In order to eradicate the mould, it is important to find out the kind of mould and the cause of the mould. Because most of the time by applying a product mould will disappear , but it is not gone, it is still there, so it is a matter of time to see the wall full of mould again.