When you think about the perfect place for pest to harbour and nest, it will always come to your mind a restaurant or cafe. Hospitality outlets are like paradise for insects and rodents, because they have all they need to survive there: Food, water and shelter.

Hospitality outlets are like paradise for insects and rodents




In our experience the best that can be done is to prevent and minimize infestations, and use the less possible chemicals in order to guarantee a healthy environment for food handling.  To provide this safe and healthy condition restaurant manager/owner have to work side to side with pest control technicians. Each food outlet is different, and present different conditions to different kinds of pest. There are also seasonal changes on population.



The approach has to be cooperative because the way the food outlet is organized and cleaned will determine how likely are they to have a high volume of pest and the effectiveness of the treatment.
We offer and integrated pest control program, designed on a 12 months length, with 4 treatments within this period, assessing the special needs of the outlet and the use of specific pest control techniques and last generation chemicals to reduce population and eradicate pest infestations.


A Public Health Issue.

Most of public health and food authorities around the world recognise the importance of protecting the public from the threats to health associated with pests. Not only that, rodents and other pests can cause serious damage to buildings, destroying insulation, causing electrical fires and damage to other structural components of buildings.


public health and food authorities around the world recognise the importance of protecting




Apart from structural damages, rodents, cockroaches and flies may be responsible for transmitting infection and disease and are certainly reservoirs for pathogens that can cause illness in humans. Any kind of infestation is distressing, and they spread quickly. If action is not taken in time they could be difficult to eradicate and very costly in terms of treatment. This could even result in closure of business and damage to its reputation. Nobody in the hospitality industry wants to be in the spotlight because customers are complaining of having cockroaches in their food. Negative advertising and even litigation can be more costly in terms of reputation and future business, than the cost of a Pest Control treatment. Manager and owner need to take in account the risk of pest infestation and to ensure that the food outlet is pest proofed so they don’t create the condition that encourage and support infestations.


The sustainable Pest Management approach.

As we said previously each food outlet in the hospitality sector has a different reality. The Pest management treatment programme should be sensitive to the particular issues of that singular outlet. All plans should include a previous inspection/assessment. This assessment will point the guidelines of the treatment to be proposed, concentrating in hot spot areas, minimising the broad use of chemicals and also minimising the exposure to people and the environment. Sustainable pest control can be achieved through regular inspections and hygiene improvements.

Our Pest Control Services scope includes Commercial, Industrial and Residential areas in all Sydney.