Today I want to introduce one of the products that we sell. It is the Green Fan Quattro.

It is the prefect tool when you need your hosue to have a good ventilaion system, avoiding mould problems.

The Green Fan Quattro Wall Aluminium Mounted kit system is designed to extract & reduce musty smells, to prevent growth of fungi, mould, timber decay and accumulation of dampness. The air is extracted from the subfloor area through the outside wall. Product can be installed also as cavity wall ventilation when there is no access to subfloor. Green fans run off an adjustable 3v to 24v transformer depending on speed and noise level preferences.


  • 1x Green Fan Quattro.
  • 1x Adjustable Transformer
  • 1x Aluminium Cast Heritage Grill (9”x6”)
RUNNING COST Between $10 to $15 per year.
DIMENSIONS W: 275mm X H: 215mm (To Cut Wall For Installation W: 245mm x H:185mm)
EXHAUST VOLUME 53 m3/hr (120CFM Combined)
PRICE $300 Inc GST