Are like humans in one important way. They like warmth and comfort in the colder months. To find it, they’ll look for a hiding place in your home. They often make nests in ceiling cavities, wall cavities and any other warm, dry places they can find. Sometimes it’s easy to spot where they have taken up residence. Sometimes you will only become aware of them after they become active at night. Occasionally, you won’t even notice them until they do damage to your home.

brown rat


Unlike humans, a rodent’s teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime. To keep their teeth from growing too much, they gnaw on anything that’s available. They gnaw on timber, cladding, electrical wiring and anything else they can find that will file down their teeth. That’s actually where the word “rodent” comes from. It was originally a Latin word that meant “to gnaw.” It’s particularly dangerous when a rodent gnaws through electrical wiring. It may kill the rodent, but the exposed wiring can also cause a house fire.

White Ants (Termites)

White ants (termites) don’t hibernate in winter. They remain active and can do serious damage to your home. Termites love timber and can damage or destroy foundations and internal timber walls. You can often see signs of termites in and around the home. Sometimes they make “shelter tubes” or “mudding” to protect them from predators. Shelter tubes can be subterranean, but they also build them on basement walls or on interior walls, usually near skirting boards or at the edges of timber ceiling mouldings. They have even been known to destroy book collections.




Termites can often go undetected. If you’ve never had a termite inspection before, you should have one done as soon as possible. If you wait until the damage is done, both termite treatment and repairs will be far more expensive.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches love to live where food and water is readily available. That’s usually in your kitchen. German cockroaches are a big problem in many parts of Australia. They often go undetected because they look for places to hide. In winter, they breed and a small problem can quickly become a major problem.


Look for German cockroaches under your sink, near your waste bins and at the back of cupboards. If you see any, your best option is to get our pest control service to get rid of them. You can buy insecticides that will kill visible cockroaches, but many more will remain undetected and the sprays won’t prevent eggs from hatching. Better pest control services will give you a 12 month warranty. If the cockroaches come back, they will get rid of them for free within the warranty period.

These are three common autumn and winter pests, but there are many others. Rabbits, possums and pigeons are considered vermin in parts of Australia because of the damage they can do to homes. Like rodents, they look for warm shelter in the colder months. If you live in an area where these animals are common, our services can get rid of them for you.