Wasps or Bees


Both wasps and bees may be quite a problem in the outdoor area of your property, and unfortunately, in some cases, they might even infest a building’s walls. It is quite a complicated situation if bees or wasps start nesting inside the walls of your house.

Generally, wasps will enter a building through an open window and build nests in hidden places that can go unnoticed for a long time. If left uncontrolled, a nest can grow to house up to 20,000 ¬†wasps. Large wasp nests can be extremely dangerous because they lead coordinated attacks and will not die after a sting. A wasp’s sting will be more painful than a bee’s sting, but both of them can be deadly when a person has an allergic reaction to their venom.

Bees are less likely to build their nests indoors, as they prefer the outdoor areas. However, they can become a real problem as well, especially if they somehow build their nests inside the walls of your home.

If you start noticing many bees or wasps on your property, you should call a professional wasp and bee removal specialist. A specialist can determine whether there are nests on your property and if so they can deal with them accordingly. Removing a wasp or bee nest by yourself can be dangerous and we do not recommend it.