Fleas prefer humid and warm environments and thrive both inside and outside of residential and commercial buildings. These pests will affect your pets such as cats, dogs, and even birds, as well as the humans who interact with the affected animals.

An animal infested by fleas becomes itchy, will have a large amount of discomfort, and will also transport the fleas from one place to the other. Once the fleas get inside a home, they will get into the carpets, furniture, and even in the clothes. It is very easy for a flea infestation to get out of hand because a single female flea will lay hundreds of eggs despite having a very short life.

The best way to prevent a flea infestation is by checking-up the pets and cleaning them regularly. You can also use a natural flea wash if necessary. Also, it is important to clean the animals’ bedding often in order to prevent the fleas from living there. If you feel that the flea infestation might be getting out of hand, call a pest control specialist as soon as possible.