Why Good Ventilation?

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Ventilation is critical to home comfort. Proper ventilation prevents air pollutants from affecting the health of you and your family. Not only that, having airflow in your home can get rid of any unwanted smells, such as from cooking or pets. It is also good to have an airflow that is uninterrupted, as anything blocking [...]

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The importance of Ventilation

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Heat from the sun enters houses in four ways: Radiant heat transfer from roofing material to attic air, which in turn can re-radiate through the ceiling.Entry of certain wavelengths of light through glass windows.Radiant heat transfer from the building materials used for walls.Hot air simply entering through open windows, doors, cracks etc. Once heat enters [...]

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Windows in Winter

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Are your windows getting wet from condensation again? Now’s the time to do something about it. Every year at this time, outdoor temperatures begin their slow decline into winter, and every year windows start to get wet from condensation on interior surfaces. The degree of wetness ranges from insignificant to downright debilitating, and understanding how [...]

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5 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Company

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How much does it cost to hire an exterminator to eliminate pests? Anyone who's ever seen an ant scurry across their kitchen floor or watched a spider dangle from their living room ceiling knows that cohabitation with pests is a problem. Pest infestations can damage your property, create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your family and, [...]

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The Green Fan Quattro Wall HERITAGE GRILL

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Today I want to introduce one of the products that we sell. It is the Green Fan Quattro. It is the prefect tool when you need your hosue to have a good ventilaion system, avoiding mould problems. The Green Fan Quattro Wall Aluminium Mounted kit system is designed to extract & reduce musty smells, to [...]

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Why Subfloor Ventilation is important

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On average, people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Since the majority of people’s daily activities take place inside, the atmosphere inside of homes has a major impact on the health and safety of the majority of the population. Research has shown that indoor air pollution can actually have more damaging effects on [...]

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