How to weatherproof your home

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As with many of those seemingly small maintenance issues, whether it be cleaning out gutters or fixing a leaky roof, the cost of putting mundane tasks in the too-hard basket for too long can soon add up. We asked the experts how to weatherproof your home for winter. Here are their top eight tips: 1. [...]

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Wasps causing less of a buzz for pest control services

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Pest control services are feeling the sting, but everyone else is buzzing with glee as a cool summer keeps angry wasps away. Few will be mourning the wasp shortage, however other effects from the terrible summer are hitting the pest control industry. It's different this season because of the wet and the rain and lack [...]

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Pest Control in Facilities

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A high number of people come in and out of facilities everyday. Therefore it is very important to keep those facilities free of any pest.       Facility managers are often considered a jack of all trades, as they are responsible for maintaining the quality of a building and ensuring the safety of employees, [...]

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Why Subfloor Ventilation is important

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On average, people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Since the majority of people’s daily activities take place inside, the atmosphere inside of homes has a major impact on the health and safety of the majority of the population. Research has shown that indoor air pollution can actually have more damaging effects on [...]

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Germs in a plate

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If you’ve ever noticed a crack in your crockery at a restaurant and just kept on eating, we’ve got some bad news for you. It may look clean, but actually that crack could harbour thousands of germs, and they are absolutely banned by Sydney’s health inspectors.   To talk about these sorts of issues, we [...]

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crawling insects: Hemiptera

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Overview The Hemiptera are the dominant group of exopterygote insects. They range in length from less than 1 to 90 mm, and comprise insects with a great range of different structural and behavioural features and occupying a wide variety of environments. The most characteristic feature is the structure of the mouth-parts, which are highly efficient [...]

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Hospitality and Pest Control

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When you think about the perfect place for pest to harbour and nest, it will always come to your mind a restaurant or cafe. Hospitality outlets are like paradise for insects and rodents, because they have all they need to survive there: Food, water and shelter. […]

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