Recycling Clothes

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Clothing For All A third world exists where people are unprivileged, have lost faith in humanity, and hardly care about covering their bodies up like normal human beings. We realized that it was not because they have no shame, or feel no pain,  but  plainly because they could not afford it. What you can do: [...]

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What to do with Plastic!!

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As a nation we consume many products throughout our daily lives, from food and drink to beauty and toiletries. As we encounter so many items we’re bound to stumble across lots of plastic packaging in our homes. Plastic packaging has so many good uses, for example, it can help to keep food fresher for longer [...]

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Food and Pest Control

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According to the Department of Primary Industries and Food Authority of NSW, pest control is an important food safety measure for food businesses. Common pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches can carry bacteria and viruses that can contaminate food and food contact surfaces. Pests that can be found in food premises include: Rodents (eg. [...]

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Plague locusts hatching and hungry in wet summer conditions at the NSW, Queensland and SA borders

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Australian plague locusts are building in intensity along the tristate border region Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, helped by good summer rainfall.     The nymphs are emerging hungry and ready to eat fresh grass and crops. Locusts north of Broken Hill and around Birdsville would have another hatching, which would pose a [...]

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Bugged by summer pests: the secret lives of Sydney’s insects and arachnids

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Mosquitoes are the musical lovers of the insect world. That hum you hear by your ear is the sound of tiny wings beating with passion. Male mosquitoes spend their short lives searching for a partner whose wings work at a similar speed, so that their coupling creates a high-frequency harmony. What seems like a bothersome [...]

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Germs in a plate

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If you’ve ever noticed a crack in your crockery at a restaurant and just kept on eating, we’ve got some bad news for you. It may look clean, but actually that crack could harbour thousands of germs, and they are absolutely banned by Sydney’s health inspectors.   To talk about these sorts of issues, we [...]

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crawling insects: Hemiptera

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Overview The Hemiptera are the dominant group of exopterygote insects. They range in length from less than 1 to 90 mm, and comprise insects with a great range of different structural and behavioural features and occupying a wide variety of environments. The most characteristic feature is the structure of the mouth-parts, which are highly efficient [...]

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Hospitality and Pest Control

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When you think about the perfect place for pest to harbour and nest, it will always come to your mind a restaurant or cafe. Hospitality outlets are like paradise for insects and rodents, because they have all they need to survive there: Food, water and shelter. […]

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