How to Be Environmentally Friendly

To become an environmentally friendly person the first thing is to become aware of how your choices affect the environment. There are some stages to become eco friendly: Consume items that cause minimal environmental harm. Reduce the consume of plastics for example. Reduce the consume of carbon. Support the people/ business that produce eco-friendly products [...]

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Why to Be Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays everybody is talking about the environment and the Climate change. How we are affecting it in a negative way, how we are destroying ecosystem of the Earth. How we are affecting to the Climate Change. But the environmental movement can be traced back to Europe in the 1880s when the industrial revolution started. When [...]

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why bees are important

Bees are an important part of the natural environment, they are the ones that pollinate the plants, which means they carry pollen between plants of different sexes to fertilise them, or even between different parts of the same plant, which help plants reproduce. Bees even help plants survive by preventing inbreeding. European honey bees produce honey, [...]

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The Bathroom Ventilation

The bathrooms are the wettest rooms in a house. Steamy showers, flushing toilets, running sinks, and occasional drips add up to high humidity. And with major moisture comes the usual problem: mould. A proper bathroom ventilation can keep humidity and its resulting issues in check.     Sometimes your problem-solving options are limited. Here we [...]

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The Box Jellyfish

Summer is coming!!! On summer time a lot of people go to the beach. There are many people from overseas who do not know about the dangerous of the jellyfish. Today we are going to talk about The Box Jellyfish.     They are found in the waters north of Queensland, up around the coast [...]

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Asian honey bees

Asian honey bees, Java strain, were first detected in Cairns in 2007. They are an adaptable bee species found throughout Asia and some islands of the Asia Pacific. They are established in far north Queensland and cannot be eradicated. Tools and resources have been developed to help the community and pest control industry with managing [...]

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Benefits of a Good Ventilation System

There's no denying that fresh air is essential to humans - we need it to survive. In an ideal world we would be outside all day long breathing in clean, pure air. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We often have to be inside in poorly ventilated spaces, which can be detrimental to our health. [...]

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Fire in the Amazon, Why is this a big deal?

Everyone on the planet benefits from the health of the Amazon. As its trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, the Amazon plays a huge role in pulling planet-warming greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Without it, climate change speeds up. But as the world’s largest rainforest is eaten away by logging, mining, and [...]

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Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

We’re fortunate to be living in an era dominated by technology and innovation. Smart technology, transportation efficiencies and useful apps are everywhere, making it easier for all of us to live more efficiently. So, with all of this amazing innovation, I often wonder why so many people still aren’t living greener. If all of us [...]

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