Sydney funnel web spider

Probably the most notorious of all spiders, Sydney Funnel-webs have a fearsome reputation. Most of this is deserved, but some is exaggerated. Identification Sydney Funnel-webs are shiny, dark brown to black spiders with finger-like spinnerets (silk-spinning organs) at the end of their abdomen. Males have a large mating spur projecting from the middle of their [...]

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‘The new asbestos’: Hidden mould affecting Canberrans on the rise

Health experts are warning of a growing number of patients suffering from symptoms such as chronic fatigue, cramps and joint pain brought on by mould. Alarmingly, many cases are believed to have been caused by mould hidden in roofs and wall cavities in homes.   cavity wall diagram     Professional mould cleaners [...]

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Why Good Ventilation?

Ventilation is critical to home comfort. Proper ventilation prevents air pollutants from affecting the health of you and your family. Not only that, having airflow in your home can get rid of any unwanted smells, such as from cooking or pets. It is also good to have an airflow that is uninterrupted, as anything blocking [...]

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Mold in Space

Study of resilient fungi could lead to new kinds of materials for use in space.     New research being presented at the Astrobiology Science Conference shows the International Space Station has an irritating mould problem — not only on the inside, but the outside, too. The spores — which astronauts spend hours cleaning every [...]

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Australia Just Cut 80% of Its Plastic Bag Use in Just 3 Months.

There’s mounting pressure on the world to grapple with its plastic addiction. Landfills and oceans alike are choking on waste plastic, which is made from crude oil and can take centuries to decompose. The ban on single-use plastic bags by Australia’s two largest supermarkets prevented the introduction of an estimated 1.5bn bags into the environment, and [...]

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Britain’s backyard bird feeders are shaping evolution

Britain’s love affair with garden birds is reshaping its avian population. Several species have grown in number and overall diversity has increased, according to new research that explores the impact of the nation’s obsession with bird feeders. With at least half of all British households catering for the birds in their gardens, the report enhances our understanding [...]

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Mold Symptoms in Humans

If you have a mold problem in your home you are probably suffering several of the symptoms of mold. In fact many people suffer symptoms from mold and don't even realize it, instead assuming their symptoms are from hay fever or a cold.     Types of Symptoms from Mold There are three main types [...]

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Benefits of Good Ventilation

Keeping your home ventilated is just as important as having a good insulation plan for cost savings and energy efficiency. If you’re a homeowner in the Savannah, Georgia, and Bluffton, South Carolina, areas, consider these four benefits of having good ventilation in your house. Improved Air Quality Did you know the air we breathe indoors [...]

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