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Winter is coming

Winter is heating season, and when we run the heater in our homes we tend to keep our windows and doors shut to help keep the heat in and the cold out. But don’t forget, we’re also keeping out the fresh air. While this might save energy and money, if you never exchange the air [...]

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Benefits of Good Ventilation

Keeping your home ventilated is just as important as having a good insulation plan for cost savings and energy efficiency. If you’re a homeowner in the Savannah, Georgia, and Bluffton, South Carolina, areas, consider these four benefits of having good ventilation in your house. Improved Air Quality Did you know the air we breathe indoors [...]

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Global warming hits sea creatures

Global warming has caused twice as many ocean-dwelling species as land-dwelling species to disappear from their habitats, a unique study found. The greater vulnerability of sea creatures may significantly impact human communities that rely on fish and shellfish for food and economic activity, according to the study. Global warming has caused twice as many ocean-dwelling [...]

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Plastic Poisoning Sydney’s beaches

There are fears whales, dolphins and other marine life could be hurt as debris from a shipping container continues to wash up on beaches north of Newcastle. Locals have collected dozens of bags of plastic material, jars, packaged food, clocks, nappies and sanitary items from 83 containers that fell off a cargo ship last Thursday [...]

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What materials can my business recycle?

Aluminium (PDF 503KB): Australians already recycle 71% of aluminium cans, although 100% could be easily recycled. Clean and sorted aluminium is very valuable. Cardboard (PDF 469KB): Cardboard sent to landfill decomposes and generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Reduce the waste in your bins by separating and recycling cardboard. Electronic waste (PDF 488KB): Electronic devices [...]

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RECYCLING TIPS Recycle right. Recover all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans and foil and steel tins. Do not put recyclables in plastic bags. Use a tub or basket to carry these items to your recycling bin. Donate your old clothes and shoes. These items do not belong in [...]

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Recycling Clothes

Clothing For All A third world exists where people are unprivileged, have lost faith in humanity, and hardly care about covering their bodies up like normal human beings. We realized that it was not because they have no shame, or feel no pain,  but  plainly because they could not afford it. What you can do: [...]

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What to do with Plastic!!

As a nation we consume many products throughout our daily lives, from food and drink to beauty and toiletries. As we encounter so many items we’re bound to stumble across lots of plastic packaging in our homes. Plastic packaging has so many good uses, for example, it can help to keep food fresher for longer [...]

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The Problem with Plastic

All around us, we’re surrounded by millions of plastic items—such as household goods, toys, computers, and smartphones to name only a few. Every day, many plastic items are only used once and then are thrown into the trash, creating one of the fastest growing problems on the planet. There are trillions upon trillions of plastic [...]

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Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

Cooler temperatures and pretty soon falling leaves serve as a reminder that the fall season is approaching. As the seasons change, so do our activities and home needs. Even though summer is not quite over yet, it’s a good time to do some seasonal maintenance to keep your home running smoothly. The weather can change [...]

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