Winter is coming

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Winter is heating season, and when we run the heater in our homes we tend to keep our windows and doors shut to help keep the heat in and the cold out. But don’t forget, we’re also keeping out the fresh air. While this might save energy and money, if you never exchange the air [...]

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Benefits of Good Ventilation

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Keeping your home ventilated is just as important as having a good insulation plan for cost savings and energy efficiency. If you’re a homeowner in the Savannah, Georgia, and Bluffton, South Carolina, areas, consider these four benefits of having good ventilation in your house. Improved Air Quality Did you know the air we breathe indoors [...]

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Global warming hits sea creatures

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Global warming has caused twice as many ocean-dwelling species as land-dwelling species to disappear from their habitats, a unique study found. The greater vulnerability of sea creatures may significantly impact human communities that rely on fish and shellfish for food and economic activity, according to the study. Global warming has caused twice as many ocean-dwelling [...]

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