How to know if you have termites in your walls

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Termites cause more damage to Australian homes than fires and natural occurrences. Termites cost Australians $1.5 billion per year and two out of three Australian homes have termite problems at some point. If they are not noticed, termites can cost up to $4500 damage and that is just the national average. Costs can be higher [...]

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Common Australian House Pests: Snakes

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Snakes are a very common problem in Australia and while most of them are not exceptionally dangerous, there are some that are deadly. Snakes will generally prefer rural areas. sheltered grassland areas, or forested areas. Some of the most common reasons why snakes will infest a building are to find food, shelter, or to avoid [...]

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Common Winter Pests: Cockroaches

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Cockroaches will generally infest warm and damp spaces, especially bathrooms and kitchens, and wall cavities. You will most likely notice them as they come out after dark in their search for food.     According to the World Health Organization, these nasty insects can carry a wide range of diseases that affect humans, especially if [...]

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Aussie Animals: Dingo

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Let me introduce you to the Australian dingo, a friendly, intelligent and inquisitive canine, and an integral and necessary part of our environment, the Australian Outback.   The History of the Australian Dingo The Australian dingo has not lived in Australia for all that long... How long exactly is still being disputed by the scientists. [...]

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