How to prepare your home for winter

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Simple tasks you should do now to prepare your home for the cooler months. As our lifestyles naturally change with the seasons, so should our homes. With autumn upon us and the cooler weather fast-approaching, it's time to bring out the winter woollies and start looking forward to cosy nights in.   To make your [...]

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Common Winter Pests: Rodents

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Whether it's squirrels or mice and rats, rodents invade homes regardless of the season. However, wintertime drives them indoors where it's warm and they can raid pantries and cupboards. These pests spread diseases and leave behind feces as they invade your living areas, making them a threat to your family and home. Squirrels: The northern [...]

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Common autumn Pest

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Rodents Are like humans in one important way. They like warmth and comfort in the colder months. To find it, they'll look for a hiding place in your home. They often make nests in ceiling cavities, wall cavities and any other warm, dry places they can find. Sometimes it's easy to spot where they have [...]

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