MOULD: Everything you didn’t want to know

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Exposure to mould can cause throat, eye and nose irritations, respiratory complaints or allergic reactions in some people. The most vulnerable people to mould related illnesses are infants, young children, the elderly, immunodepressed individuals and those suffering from asthma. Mould can be a very bad thing. It can be a sign that other bad things [...]

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Autumn in Australia

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Autumn in Australia begins on March 1 and means the day begins to shorten as it cools towards winter. In the northern hemisphere, March 20 or 21 is actually the spring equinox and marks the start of spring. In the southern hemisphere, this is the vernal equinox and should be the de facto start of autumn. The Australian seasons have been simplified [...]

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Australia leads on extinction

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Australia has lost more mammals to extinction than any other country with a new report urging the federal government to take action on the crisis. The Australian Conservation Foundation report published in March found since colonisation 29 mammals had become extinct and were lost forever in Australia, compared to just one in the United States. [...]

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