Mould health warning issued after rains

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The wet weather combined with humidity and warmer temperatures has created the ideal environment for household mould to grow, putting the health of thousands of Australians at risk. Mould in homes can trigger asthma symptoms for many people living with the lung condition, warns Associate Professor Sheryl Van Nunen, a Sydney-based Clinical Immunologist and Allergist. [...]

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How to fight winter mould

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Heavy rainfall, cold temperatures and heaters all cause condensation that lead to indoor mould problems in houses. Heike Neumeister-Kemp is happy to be called the Mould Lady. As a mycologist, she is fascinated by understanding how and where mould grows and how to get rid of it. "You will always find mould in the grout [...]

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A Bugs Life – Winter Insects

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Ever wondered what happens to Insects & Creepy Crawlies in Winter? Do Insects hibernate or are they just planning their Spring invasion? How do you keep wildlife from your home without upsetting Nature's balance.   Winter officially starts in Australia in a few days but with the recent cold weather in Sydney we've noticed a [...]

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Preventing Mold in the Home

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For homeowners, foreseeing major disasters like fires, storms, or earthquakes is easy enough. In fact, many even combat such disasters by taking preventative measures in the forms of insurance, emergency kits, generators, etc. One disaster most homeowners do not foresee, however, is mold. Not only is mold harmful to your home, it’s also harmful to [...]

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