Corella pest control

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University of SA researcher Philip Roetman said the project was gathering the collective knowledge of people across the state to help develop a better understanding of why some areas had severe problems and what worked best to mitigate the issue. A citizen science project is trying to work out the most effective ways to manage [...]

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Clean house = pest free house?

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Like many people, you may have always thought that pests won’t invade your home as long as you keep it neat and clean. If only it were that simple. While it’s true that some pests are drawn to less-than-sanitary conditions like cockroaches, flies and ants, many others will make themselves a home in even the tidiest [...]

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The Termite Effect

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Urban Australian cities under termite attack There is an emerging huge cost to buildings and other wooden structures from termite damage in urban Australia. Concerns about the environmental and public health consequences of the large quantity and frequent reapplication of termiticides (chemicals for the treatment of termites) in urban Australia has led stakeholders to identify [...]

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Hospitality and Pest Control

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When you think about the perfect place for pest to harbour and nest, it will always come to your mind a restaurant or cafe. Hospitality outlets are like paradise for insects and rodents, because they have all they need to survive there: Food, water and shelter. […]

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