No matter how thorough you think you are at cleaning, we bet there are a few things on this list that you’re forgetting about…

Your carpet is always hoovered, your bed linen freshly washed and your work surfaces spotless, but is your house really clean? Dust, dirt and grime can build up in some unexpected places and it’s easy to forget about these spots. Luckily we’re here to point you in the right direction to ensure that going forward, your home truly is spick and span.

1. Dishwasher

You can’t expect a dirty dishwasher to produce pristine dishes, so give it a deep clean every now and then.

2. Doorframes

Give them a dust or use your vacuum nozzle as part of your regular cleaning routine.

3. TV

Use a dry microfibre cloth and a screen wipe to remove grubby fingerprints and unwanted dust.


4. Remote control

One of the most-touched objects in your home, your remote control will quickly become covered in grease, crumbs and dust.

5. Keyboards

The same applies to keyboards. Think how many germs are building up on them!

6. Brooms and mops

There’s no point cleaning with a dirty implement! Soak your broom head in water mixed with dish soap and soak your mop in water mixed with bleach. make sure they’re dry before putting them away.

7. Washing machine

Mould and residue can build up inside your washing machine, so give it some TLC every now and then.


8. Lampshades

When you’re going round with your duster, remember to give your lampshades a wipe as their a target for settling dust.


9. Underneath appliances

You’ll find all sorts of dirt and crumbs in these crevices. Shift your appliances out the way and give these surfaces a clean.

10. Cushion covers

Many cushion covers are removal and can be put in the washing machine. For those that aren’t, try using the vacuum cleaner, stop dabbing and Febreeze.